Sawmill products

  • Joinery timber (spruce, pine, larch),
  • quarter-sawn and semi quarter-sawn lamellas-semi-finished products for the production of laminated window and door scantling(spruce, pine, larch),
  • semi-finished products for joinery in spruce and pine, lamellas for the manufacture of glued boards, broomsticks, palettes etc.
  • timber for planing for the manufacture of exterior sidings, flooring and panelling,
  • Lamellas for production of construction glulam timber(spruce, pine, larch),
  • construction timber, prisms and laths (wooden construction, roof battens, rafters, frames for pouring concrete),
  • wooden packaging (crates, pallets, industrial packaging),
  • pallet wood
  •  and other products according to customer requirements.

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