Čáslav sawmill

Čáslav is the best equipped wood processing plant specialized in large diameter coniferous wood in Central Europe. It processes large diameter logs (spruce 80%, pine 15%, larch 5%). The main products are joinery sawn timber, quarter-sawn lamellas for the production of glued window and door scantling. It also produces different kinds of construction wood, roof battens and palletwood.

The yearly cutting capacity in a four-shift operation is approximately 310 000 m3 of logs. The plant consists of four basic production sections: debarking and cutting timber, drying, storage and shipping of timber. The logs are sawn using two band saws with the subsequent processing using disc saw technology.

This unique combination allows for the production of joinery and quarter-sawn lamellas and provides a higher yield of these products compared to aggregate technology. The Čáslav Sawmill occupies an important place on the domestic and foreign markets. It exports as much as 65% of its products.

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