Dlouhá Ves near Sušice

The sawmill in Dlouhá Ves near Sušice is a plant with a yearly cutting capacity of approximately 40 000 m3, processing log sections in lengths of 3, 4 and 5 metres, primarily spruce (approx. 85%) and pine (approx. 10%). The rest of the volume includes larch, oak and a small proportion of other broadleaves species.

Before being sawn, the logs are debarked and the root extensions are cut off. The cutting is performed by a band saw and the timber is either directly stacked or further edged or cut into narrower boards. It can be sold fresh or proceed into kilns for drying. Building timber can be treated by dipping.

The main products of the sawmill are joinery (unedged) timber, quarter-sawn lamellas for the manufacture construction and joinery elements (window and door scantling), construction timber and pallet wood.

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