About company

About company

Welcome to the website of LESS & TIMBER, a.s.

LESS & TIMBER has been the standard for top quality in the wood processing industry since 2003.

LESS & TIMBER, a.s. is an important producer of joinery and construction timber, quarter-sawn lamellas and their follow-up product: glued window scantling, which the company is the largest producer of in the Czech Republic and it ranks among the largest in Europe. As of the 1st January 2015, the company has become a part of Jet Investment, a Czech investment group traditionally specializing in well established Czech companies.

LESS & TIMBER, a.s. ranks among major European processors of high quality logwood. The company is specialized in processing mostly high quality, large diameter coniferous logwood, with spruce dominating the production. However we are gradually increasing the proportion of pine and larch.

LESS & TIMBER, a.s. operates two sawmills in Čáslav and Dlouhá Ves (near Sušice) with a total yearly capacity of 350 000 m3and a scantling factory in Klášterec nad Orlicí producing glued window scantling and furniture semi-finished products with an annual production capacity of 20 000 m3.

In its operations LESS & TIMBER, a.s. uses state-of-the-art technologies, based mainly on the band saw technology. This is best seen in the Čáslav sawmill, which is one of the most modern plants of its type in Europe. The Čáslav plant is also home to one of the best European cogeneration units using combustion of wood biomass to produce electricity which is fed into the national power grid as well as heat used in the drying kilns at the sawmill. The cogeneration unit is operated by a subsidiary of the company: LESS & ENERGY s.r.o.