Purchasing logs

Purchasing logs

For several years, LESS & TIMBER has ranked among the most important processors of high quality large diametre coniferous logs in Europe. Currently, the company operates two sawmills (Čáslav and long village), with an annual capacity of 350 000 m3.

Using bandsaw technology, we specialize in processing logs of a diameter of at least 30 cm, in spruce and larch, we prefer diameters higher than 40 cm.    Our final products are quarter-sawn lamellae for glued window scantling and joinery timber.

Most of our volume consists of spruce, making up about 70%. The volumes in pine and larch are about 20 and 10% respectively and our aim is to continually increase the proportion of these species. At the Nová Ves sawmill, we process oak logs as well as coniferous wood.

The purchase of logwood is critical to our operation and we place great emphasis on succesful communication with suppliers. We have secured a regular inflow of quality logwood through long-term contracts which are a result of an elaborate system of wood purchase.

The parameters of the purchased logwood

We buy

For the sawmill in Čáslav: spruce, pine, fir and larch
For the sawmill in Dlouhá Ves:
spruce, pine, fir, larch and oak