The glued scantling plant in Čáslav

The Čáslav plant is a significant European producer of glued and solid window and door scantling with a yearly production of up to 20 000 m3. The plant is a next step in the processing of the products made by LESS & TIMBER sawmills, and it is an important consumer of quarter-sawn lamellas. The factory processes spruce, pine and larch.

Lamellas are optimalized (the defects are cut out) and sorted according to the quality using a WOOD EYE scanner. The latest technologies are here used to detect defects in wood. Then the shortened length are glued and pressed together using a finherjointing line. Subsequently, the lamellas are planed and a layer of glue is applied on the surface. The lamella are the pressed in a “wall” press forming a scantling made of several layers.

The main product of the plant is layered fingerjointed or fixed length scantling used in the manufacture of windows and doors. Briquettes are made as a by-product. The production program is under the supervision of qualified personnel.

Products are certified within the ISO certification as well as by ift Rosenheim and STV and the products are exported not only to the European Union, but also to other countries of the world.

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