Basic information

Less & ENERGY, s.r.o. produces electrical energy and heat from renewable sources. In 2009, then a part of LESS Holding, the company launched one of the most modern European wood biomass co-generation units and the most advanced such facility in the Czech Republic. The key technologies were supplied by Wärtsilä BIOPOWER 5CEX.

Electric output of the generator is 5.5 MW, maximum thermal output is 10 MW. The cogeneration unit is located in the same premises as the LESS & TIMBER Čáslav sawmill, which is at the same time its customer using the heat to kiln dry wood.

The technology of the cogeneration unit is highly efficient and also allows for flexibly in adapting the heat to electricity ratio according to the current needs. The optimal management of the power has enabled us to achieve very good results in all possible modes of operation, taking into account the consumption of heat by the sawmill kilns.

This makes LESS & ENERGY a pioneer in constructing and running modern energy plants using wood biomass in the Czech Republic.

The owner of 100% of shares in the company of LESS & ENERGY, s.r.o. is LESS & TIMBER, a.s., a member of the Jet Investment group.

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